Vast Opportinity For Infrastructure And Epic Journey of a Nation

Pleiades Constructions & Consulting Ltd [PCCL] is a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture construction company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and also having office in Tokyo, Japan.

We are dedicated and committed to provide State of the Art, Environment-friendly, Eco-friendly, Disaster-proof constructions in Bangladesh with hi-tech Japanese expertise and compliance with close monitoring.



News and Press Releases

  • Pleiades Working Development 30% in Dhaka MRT Under Tokyu Construction
  • Factory Consulting at MEPZ for MAXINOX Ltd.
  • Factory Consulting at Mongla EPZ for KOTOBUKI
  • Feasibility Study for A Globally renowned Motor Bike Company

Company Information

  • JV Company
  • 4 projects in 2012-13

Solution & Services

  • Construction
  • Consultancy
  • Site Assesment
Contact With us For Any information, contact us +88029862097(Dhaka) or +81-3-6421-4225(Tokyo) Working Hrs 10:00~19:00 Local time


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